reduce the time
to create a test fixture
by 30 days and $3500*

Just take Fork, PowerUSBHub, PyTest and program the tests in Python. The orange test fixture and DIY-platform, RaspberyPi expansion board, board of education is ready!

FORK for test fixture
The possibilities of the board are limited only by your imagination!
*By the way, thanks to the Fork, we saved 30 days and $3,500 on the test fixture for checking the NOTA mole tracker

Key Features

99 USD for an test fixture with characteristics:

  • 8 Digital Outputs can be used as active/passive output, connect a relay or PWM on every channel;
  • 8 Digital Inputs can be used as dry contact with input voltage up to 30V, with frequency measurement and pulse calculation features;
  • 7 Analog Inputs -10..10V with overvoltage protection. Up to 1M Sample rate;
  • 1 Analog Diff Input -1.5..1.5V with overvoltage protection. Up to 1M Sample rate;
  • 2 Analog Outputs 0..10V output with short circuit protection. Sin/triangle/saw/random wave generator features;
  • 4 UARTs or SPI or I2C for connection with external devices like ADC, DAC, external memory, sensors etc.;
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi to connect with computer, RPi or Smartphone for total galvanic isolation;
  • USB for simple connection with computer, RPi or Smartphone;
  • Supply voltage 5V.
We can unsolder any module according to your request!)
For industrial plant control, buying an "all option" control board is expensive and impractical. Often it has more features than required that remain unused. This is inefficient and wasteful. It's almost as if you asked for a cup of water but had to take an entire tanker!
Also, do not forget about the geography of production: engineers can be located in one point of the globe, and the stand is needed at a production site on the other side of the world. And you won't be able to ship a huge booth with a delivery service. Functional test fixture on Fork in the assembled form is placed in a shoe box and test what you need in each individual project. You will only need to make a compatibility board and write the necessary tests. Building a working assistant will take from one to seven days, depending on the complexity of the compatibility board and the amount of code required.
How it works
This is what a real-time test report looks like. Note that the production and testing are carried out in China. And we see this information in our office on the other side of the Earth, through our server.
A nice bonus from the server is that we can see online how testing is going, whether it is going at all, and how many boards were tested per day. Agree, this is important when the production is thousands of kilometers away from the development engineers! This is easy to do on a Fork, and when you buy a board, we will help you set up such a server.

Your Test Lab
Script Language + Fork + Compatibility board

To use Fork you'll need:
  • Computer, RPi, Smartphone to run JavaScript or Python scripts
  • Fork that is connected to this computer or RPi or Smartphone by Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • If testing device signals are too weak or too strong for direct Fork connection, you'll need a compatibility board that increase or decrease signal levels to make using Fork possible
  • Device that needs to be tested

    Our way is much more simple than creating testing stand based on any other platform

The easiest way to use Fork

  • Connect Fork

  • Open browser

  • Use the following request format: ip address + '/ control?' + Fork API command

  • The Fork API commands description you can see here
Sending a Fork around the world
Yes, Yes! If you need, we will send you a Fork even to the South pole!)

Engineers from these countries work with the Fork

Examples of testing on the Fork

Measuring temperature and humidity
In this article, we will look at getting temperature and humidity readings using a Fork, which will be used in an automated test fixture.
Create on your tablet and Fork
Together they are a modern, reliable platform for your creativity!
Expand the capabilities of the RPi with the help of a Fork
We say: expand the capabilities of the RPi with the help of a Fork, because Fork is not a competitor to RaspberryPi, but a companion.
Hardware tests automation with Fork
Pytest is a modern test tool with a wide infrastructure
Automated investigation of the transistor with a Fork
In this material we checked the input and output characteristics of the 2h3904 bipolar transistor
When the board comes out of the assembly line at the factory, it must be tested. We do this using a Fork that connects the board with needles. Here is a real test fixture of a real NOTA device.
Functional test fixture based on Fork

Create a testing fixture
on your desk for

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