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for healthy children and happy parents
Elvy is a revolutional healthcare product that is created with the help of orthopaedists by our professional team of engineers.

ELVYis an English name meaning "little elf protector and warrior". We designed Elvvy to protect your children from getting sick.
Elvy system consists of specialy designed smart insoles and an app synchronized with it. If the child has chilly or wet feet, the parents will be notified on their smartphone.
Elvy smartinsoles have waterproof and shockproof sensors that allow you to track changes in temperature, humidity and the position of your child`s feet

Using Evvvy smart insoles you will receive real-time information about the health status of your child.
Think, how much effort and time you spent to help your child recover from the flu?
Most often children are not likely to tell adults about their feet being chill. They simply don't pay attetion to that or won't tell because they don't want to leave the playground

The indicators in Elvvy smart insoles analyze the temperature and the amount of moisture in the footwear

Elvvy smart insoles allows parents to control this factors by themselves and act immediately.
You will know the temperature and the humidity of your children's feet even when they are at the kindergarten.
Chilly feet increases the risk of catching colds and flu. Many children carry the bugs which cause colds and flu in their nose already, without it causing symptoms that make them ill. But if the temperature of the feet drops, it causes a change in the whole body which leads to the likelihood of a full-blown cold developing.
Is it a common situation for you?

No longer with Elvvy smart insoles
Elvy smart insoles not only keep track of the steps your children have taken, but also allow you to diagnose whether they have flat feet.
With a group profile Elvvy smart insoles app can be used in the kindergarten. Now it is so easy to take care of all of the children on the day walk!
You will receive a push notification on your smartphone if your child feet are cold & chilly.
You will receive a push notification on your smartphone if your child feet are wet.
Add as many children as you need. For a big family or kindergarten use.
Statics allows to see when and where your child was cold.
The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.
Our powerful battery will serve you for 6 month of use of the smart insoles every day.